Keras2-based WaveNet published on GitHub

At Munich Artificial Intelligence Laboratories (M-AILABS), we experiment with a lot of technologies and methods. We also look for novel ways of doing things in the area of ML & AI.

One of my personal dreams is to have an AI-based solution that can “compose” music. And of course, it has to be music like the great Ludwig van. So, we started looking for some papers.


Presentation at the M3-Conference in Cologne, April 2018

In 2018 the M3-Conference (Minds Mastering Machines) is held in Cologne between April 25th-26th.

Munich Artificial Intelligence Laboratories (M-AILABS) will be talking about “ML & AI: From algorithms to practical implementation” about the challenges, pitfalls and tasks from the moment of deciding to employ ML/AI until it can actually be trained (and hopefully deployed).