April 5, 2017

About Us

We are a team of people enthusiastic about the possibilities that machine learning and artificial intelligence open up.

We are especially aware of not only the possibilities but also of the risks that come along with such a revolutionary and disrupting technology.

We have decades of experience in employing software to not only make business processes more efficient but also to empower people.

Thus, we offer a full-range of services in the area of using ML/AI but also planning ahead on all matters of organizational change & disruption that comes with it.

We offer consulting, software & tools regarding the practical use of machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning to all companies in Europe.

Specifically, we offer services in these areas:


Among other topics, these are our focus areas:

  • Process Analysis: We analyze the customer’s processes and identify those that are easiest and fastest to automate. Examples here are customer support, machine failure-prediction (IoT), document-classification, …
  • Best-Approach: We help our customers to define the best approach on implementing the right ML/AI-system
  • Team-Setup: We help our customers to setup their own in-house ML/AI-expert teams. Since we believe that ML/AI should be one of the future core competencies of every company, we recommend to build these things in-house thus keeping all the know-how, AI-models and data in-house.
  • Organization Development (OD) Strategies: We help our customers to identify the OD-challenges generated by the introduction of ML/AI int he organization and setup plans, trainings, and more to face these challenges efficiently and effectively.
  • ML/AI-Training: We train the newly setup teams on best-practices wrt ML/AI.
  • Organizational Structures: We help our customers to setup the best possible organizational structure and processes in any such new teams or any impacted teams.
  • Holistic View: We view the introduction of ML/AI holistically and consult our customers on every aspect of an ML/AI-introduction, including the impact on people (employees) and overall society (e.g. customers).

Software & Tools

We provide our customers with various tools & software, among which are:

  • Data Conversion Tools: various tools, in source code, that are used to convert data
  • Data Modeling: Tools that help in modeling the data before usage in ML/AI-projects
  • Anonymization: Tools that help in anonymizing data
  • AI/Deep-Learning Models: Various pre-trained models, including their generating source code
  • Materials: Research papers, findings, and more – targeted to make ML/AI-development and implementation more flexible and efficient


Additionally, we offer research services to companies, i.e. our customers can hire us directly as a “Research Department”, either with specific topics or on general, broad ranges of ML/AI-technologies, processes, and more.

If you are interested in what else we offer in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us: info@m-ailabs.bayern