AI in the News: What Will be Our Purpose?

One very valid reason for existing is that we are here to create. What AI cannot do is perhaps a potential reason for why we exist. One such direction is that we create. We invent things. We celebrate creation.”

Somewhere towards the middle of the article, Kai-Fu Lee, in search of a purpose for human beings in a world of AI, circles in on the (in his opinion) reason, why we are here.

A brilliant article, especially with its concentration on winners (China, USA) and losers (rest of world) – if we can’t catch up with China and USA in the AI-race.

Emmanuel Macro, the french president, just announced a strategy towards making France a major player in AI. Not against “GAFA” (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) but (as he says) together with them.

We believe that will not be possible. European values are very different from US’ or Chinese values. And no, we are not talking about ethics here.

In Europe, we value democracy, freedom, individualism, but also privacy, data security above the technology itself. A company like Facebook could not operate with headquarters in Europe and behave like it did in the Cambridge Analytica case. That would be impossible here. Even for the smallest company, adhering to all the privacy and data security laws, on one hand, creates headaches but on the other, it preserves the European Way of Life.

Thus, we believe that Europe is different: we are slower (in technological advances) but we do things sustainably and “… with a European touch …”

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