Database of Locations in Germany

As of today we have put online for free download the database of (hopefully) all locations in Germany.

The structure of the JSON-file is as:

german_locations = {
   <Location_Name> : {
      "CAR_PLATE" : "...",
      "ZIP" : "...",
      "COMMUNITY" : "...",
      "COUNTY" : "...",
      "STATE" : "...",
      "LOCATION" : <Same as Location_Name>,
      "LATITUDE" : "...",
      "LONGITUDE" : "...",
      "AGS" : " ..."

The file is a TGZ and can be downloaded from our server. The archive contains the JSON-file (UTF-8) and a .pickle-file (Python). They are the same, only saved in different formats.

The database is Copyright (c) 2017 MUNICH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE LABORATORIES GmbH (M-AILABS). M-AILABS grants you a worldwide, non-exclusive, unlimited license for the use of data, including in any commercial project, except as described below.

Any use by German, Swiss or Austrian Universities, Highschools, Colleges, and Research Institutes (such as Fraunhofer-Institut) is strictly forbidden. Use at primary, secondary and tertiary schools is permitted.