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What we offer in the ML/AI-domain

Process Analysis

In order to introduce ML/AI in your organization, Process Analysis must be the first step. Which processes can be automated? Where are the highest gains? What are the business impacts? We help you in all these preliminary steps…

OD Strategy for ML/AI

What is the organizational impact of employing ML/AI in your company? What do you need to consider? What are the risks to your organization? We help you identify all these and plan accordingly…

Software & Tools

We provide tools & software to kick-start your own ML/AI-projects. These tools, including Neuronal Network Models, allow you to jump-start your activities without a lot of upfront work.

Team Setup

We help you setup your in-house ML/AI-team in order to continue owning your business. This includes providing you with profiles, performing interviews with candidates, and much more…

About Us

We are a team of people enthusiastic about the possibilities that machine learning and artificial intelligence open up. We are especially aware of not only the possibilities but also of the risks that come along with such a revolutionary and disrupting technology. We have decades of experience in employing software to not only make business processes more efficient but also to empower people. Thus, we offer a full-range of services in the area of using ML/AI but also planning ahead on all matters of organizational change & disruption that comes with it. Contact us for details...

Our Founders

Nükhet Solak

Organizational Development (OD) Expert Responsible for our company as well as works as the OD-counterpart in all our consulting work when introducing AI/ML in your company.

Imdat Solak

Technology-& Process-Expert Responsible for process analysis, team skill-definition, software-development, and architectures in all topics related to AI/ML introduction in your company.

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