Munich Artificial Intelligence Laboratories – Launch

Finally! We are launching our company.

After long discussions with various friends, colleagues and well-wishers, we have decided to start as a consultancy (for now?)

Our goal is on consulting companies in Digital Transformation, with a specific focus on Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What do we mean with that?

Of course, you can find all on our About Us page, but here is the gist:

  • We analyze your processes in order to identify which are best for automation using ML/AI
  • We look at your product-portfolio to define whether we can add value to your products by applying ML/AI
  • We help you, if needed, to create an internal team to build all the ML/AI-tools, environments, products, and more
  • We provide you with various tools (software) and frameworks (including pre-trained models in some cases) and kick-start code (on which you can freely build your own software),
  • We develop your software, train it, implement it, and help you to fine-tune it
  • We do research for you in ML/AI areas
  • When ML/AI is used to optimize internal processes, we help you to analyze the organization impact (using our Organizational Development (OD) expertise) and plan actions to reduce any negative impact

We are quite happy and excited with this new endeavor and looking forward to helping you in making ML/AI practical and useful in your organization. Please contact us at

About the name

“Why ‘munich artificial intelligence laboratories’ and why ‘.bayern’-domain?” you may ask.

Well, first of all, we are located in Munich, one of the most beautiful cities we know. Munich is the capital of “Bavaria” which has its own domain “.bayern” (German for “Bavaria”).

Since we believe that being local to the heart of Europe should be reflected in our name and domain, we chose the name and domain accordingly.

We are not a Silicon Valley-company. We want to help our customers, mainly SMEs, to gain from ML/AI without losing any control of their business. Being a small company ourselves, we understand our SME-customers well – including their fear of losing control or core elements of their businesses.

But we also know that ML/AI is here to stay and will revolutionize every industry, in fact revolutionize our lives. As such, we want to be on your side when this thrilling, exciting but also slightly disturbing (for some of us) change happens. We want to accompany you, let you know what is important with ML/AI, what is crucial, how to keep your intellectual property, and what is the most important part of ML/AI: not code itself, but the data.

In ML/AI, the saying goes:

A kingdom for data, data, data…

Everybody working in this industry knows it. We want our customers to know that as well and treat their data, their models, and their know-how as the “oil” of this new era… and own it!

We are also, a little bit, proud of being at the heart of Europe, in Bavaria, in this wonderful city known usually for Octoberfest and Beer and Lederhosen. This city is also the city of high-tech in nearly every area.

Why “Laboratories”

We want to conjure a specific culture in our company: we play, we experiment, we discuss, we research, we develop, and we have fun. No, not like a “traditional start-up”-type of fun (i.e., table-tennis & co). Rather the “old-fashioned” type of fun: we have fun finding out completely new things, tinkering with software, processes, organizational approaches, … essentially, everything that is or will be touched by ML/AI in the future.

We have fun competing against each other on who can, within the company, design the best neuronal network model for our customers – compete on who can learn fastest new algorithms, technologies and approaches.

We also want to be a little bit different

Being different will put as apart from others. We love what we do and we love people. We do all this for people and want to never forget that whatever is done on this planet is supposed to be for the wellbeing of the people. Including having fun…

We don’t want to forget our heritage … including the computer-heritage. There are plans to put a PDP-11 in our offices, C64s, Sinclair QLs, Atari STs and much, much more… To show where we come from and where we are going…

So, welcome to munich artificial intelligence laboratories…