Presentation at the M3-Conference in Cologne, April 2018

In 2018 the M3-Conference (Minds Mastering Machines) is held in Cologne between April 25th-26th.

Munich Artificial Intelligence Laboratories (M-AILABS) will be talking about “ML & AI: From algorithms to practical implementation” about the challenges, pitfalls and tasks from the moment of deciding to employ ML/AI until it can actually be trained (and hopefully deployed).

The presentation will be in German.

In this talk, we will describe the tasks that are most important, namely creating training data, filtering, cleaning, tagging and the organizational problems that come with this process.

The presentation/talk is less about technical aspects such as which model to choose (or even which framework to use) but rather about mostly non-technical topics (“why should an employee give away his/her knowledge so that a machine can be trained”, e.g.).

We are really looking forward to describe the challenges we had in creating various ML/AI-based solutions in so diverse areas such as call-center automation, ultrasound image analysis, sensor-data and also speech recognition, speech synthesis and more.

We aim to give a very broad view and understanding about the topics and challenges and give you an outlook about the future of ML/AI – especially with regards to data science topics.

Looking forward to seeing you there. You can find the program online.